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About Us

Eric Smidi Smith, born January 27 1960 in Covington, Kentucky. Smidi is a self taught musician. His interest in music started in 1968. His primary instruments are the Bass and Lead guitars. Smidi was the bass guitarist for The Python Band Cincinnati, Ohio from 1977 to 1980.  The name SMIDI derives from MIDI (musical, instrument, digital, interface) Smidi joined the US Air Force in 1981 and he retired as a Technical Sergeant / E6 in 2001. During his military career 1983 Smidi auditioned and was selected to tour as the lead guitarist with the Air Force Tops-In-Blue Entertainment Showcase Group. In 1990 Smidi was assigned to Nellis AFB, Nevada where he was introduced to MIDI instruments and equipment. He quickly learned that he could sequence all of the musical instruments from a common computer source. Since discovering the use of MIDI equipment in 1992 Smidi has sequenced music tracks for artist i.e. Leon Haywood, Keith Wilder (Heatwave) Charles McCormick (Bloodstone) Spice 1, New Birth, Bobby Jones, Clay Hammond, Chuck Roberson, Green Eyez, EMC, D C Clark, The Next Band, Suspect, SWT, Jeter Jones, Cupid, Johnny Rock Cee, Lonnie Gordon, Geno “G-Love” Stanley, Billy Jack Hewitt, Bee Smoothe, Kroshet, Simply Smooth and Ghetto Cowboy just to name a few.  Smidi produced the boxing intro music track for Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas, NV 2001. Smidi produced the music for the song “Imitation Tears" performed by Dewayne McCoy featured in the movie "Love Beat The Hell Outta Me" featuring actor Terrence Howard from the hit FOX TV show Empire. Smidi produced the song “Place Of Peace featured on the "Gang Tapes" 2003 soundtrack.  He also produced the title theme song “I Wanna Be A Hero for the independent  film HEROS 2008. Smidi’s background music is used on many Youtube videos to promote the video games i.e. Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Channel Frederator, and Reactions, and many other Youtube channels. 


Smidi has over 2400 registered song titles with ASCAP. His goal is to achieve recognition as a well rounded successful musician in multiple genres. 


Smidi Beats - TV and filmBackground music placements just to name a few: 


01) E Entertainment - The Girls Next Door

02) History Channel - Modern Marvels 

03) WGN America - Funniest Pets & People 

04) A&E Network - Manhunters Fugitive Task Force 

05) We - Kendra On Top

06) Bravo - The Millionaire Matchmaker

07) Animal Planet - Pit Bulls & Parolees and Pit Boss

08) FLN - Three Sheets

09) Travel Channel - Vegas Revolution Extravagance 

10) HLN - Forensic Files 

11) How Playboy Changed The World - Hugh Hefner - Documentary

12) With Great Power - Stan Lee - Documentary

13) Love My Pit Bull - Cesar Millian - Documentary 


Contact: Eric “Smidi” Smith AKA Smidi Beats at ESmith702@aol.com for all of your Music Production needs. Visit www.smidibeatsmarket.com, my download beats are sold royalty free and non-exclusive. 


Follow Smidi Beats on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Smidi 


Please visit and subscribe to my Youtube channel. 

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1 Grin'in In Ya Face 10.00
1 The Concept Of Love 10.00
1 Hustlin Tactics 10.00
1 Packin Punches 10.00
2 The Chocolate Bread Man 10.00
1 Good 2 The Last Measure 10.00
1 Harms Way - Smidi Remix 0.00
1 Love Hangover - Smidi Remix 0.00
1 Keep Burnin 0.00
1 I'm Back and Better 10.00
1 Something To Talk About 10.00
1 Talent Show 10.00
1 Count Your Blessings 10.00
1 Don't You Wanna Thank Him 10.00
3 Month To Month 10.00
1 Month To Month 10.00
5 Doin It By God 10.00
1 Come Back Pac 10.00
1 Shake Rattle & Roll 10.00
2 Whatever State I'm In 10.00
3 Easy Money 10.00
1 Lovers Ballad 10.00
1 What Cha Need 10.00
2 Worry About Me 10.00
1 Unfinished Business 10.00
1 Tell Me Why 10.00
1 The 99 Cent Store 10.00
1 U Got Me Twisted 10.00
1 Drama Free 10.00
2 Show Me Love 10.00
1 Crying On The Inside 10.00
1 Share Your Sunday 10.00
1 Me Lovin U 10.00
1 My Shorty Boo 10.00
1 80's Babies 10.00
1 Karma 10.00
1 Snap Shot 10.00
1 Country Living 10.00
1 Good News 10.00
1 More Allies than Enemies 10.00
2 2nd Wind 10.00
11 Worship Beat 2.99
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