• Smidi Beats Market Non-exclusive Beat purchasing policy:  All of the download beats on this site are  sold as Non-exclusive and Royalty free; meaning that once you purchase your download beat, you have the rights (license) to record your vocals and sell your recorded songs (unlimited amount) you keep 100% of the songs that you sell.  I require to be credited 50% as the music composure Eric Douglas Smith, ASCAP and 50% credit to my Publishing Company Smith Star Muzic, ASCAP, to collect my Performance Royalties from my PRO (Performance Rights Organization).   I also have a BMI Publishing Company, Respect My Muzic for those difficult split sheets.  These beats can be used for background music for recording artist, Youtube videos, weddings, video games, etc.  These beats MAY NOT be resold for any reason… At this time none of these beats are Exclusively available, however contact to inquire about a custom exclusive beat.  Track outs may be available for certain beats on this site for an additional fee.  Contact for any other questions that you have concerning my beat purchasing policy.  I will be happy to respond to you ASAP… 
  • We also offer Mastering Services to recording artist who want that competitive quality sound on their recordings. Our fee is $20 USD per single song or a maximum fee of $200 for an album CD project (10 to 18 songs).  We require a 50% upfront fee to start the process.  We guarantee a 3 to 5 business day turnaround to complete your mastered project.  Payments are accepted via my PayPal
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Eric Smidi Smith - CEO